The number of kids to whom we can provide quality scouting is limited by the size of the Scout Hut and the number of leaders we have.

Uniformed Leaders
Unless there are exceptional reasons, all meetings for all sections have at least one uniformed leader present throughout. This leader will be ‘warranted’ by the Scout Association, i.e. will be in or have completed their training programme. Most meetings will have a second or third uniformed leader (who may or may not be warranted) present.

Non-uniformed Leaders
All are appreciated, particularly in the Scout Troops which find using parents on a rota basis less useful than in Beavers and Cubs.

Ad-hoc Leadership/Support
All sections do wide games, hikes and trips etc. that need a minimum level of adult supervision and the Group expects parents to help occasionally.

Parent Rota Helpers
Are of most use in Beavers and sometimes Cubs.  As the kids grow they become capable of doing longer tasks in a more responsible manner.

Activity Experts
If someone has a particular expertise/interest that they can share with the children we’d love to hear about it.  For example, a knowledge of meteorology could be used over 3-4 weeks to gain a badge, or expertise in archery could be applied (after Scout Association sanction) to run this as an evening activity.

Administration and Support
We need administrators, gardeners, handymen, a treasurer, IT people etc. etc.

Becoming a Leader
Interested?  All sections can use additional leaders!  The more leaders we have, the smaller the groups for instruction and the more the beavers/cubs/scouts learn.  Please ask any of the section leaders when your child is at a meeting.  Alternatively, contact the Group Scout Leader, whose details are on the Contact Page.  Having a chat is informal and does not commit you in any way.

Leadership can be weekly, fortnightly or ad-hoc. It can be in any of the above categories.  ” Yes”, it is a commitment, and “No”, it’s not all plain sailing.  But it is worthwhile, both for the beavers/cubs/scouts and for you as a leader.  As an incentive, subscriptions for children of uniformed leaders are 50% of normal.