What do beavers do?

Local level
Three or four times a year the Beaver Colonies will have trips arranged to see and explore things such as the zoo, an ambulance station or perhaps a museum.

These trips are enthusiastically received by the Beavers. They require a higher leader to Beaver ratio than Colony nights and two or three parents come along to help and share the fun.

District level and above
The Misbourne District and Buckinghamshire County organise competitions, challenges and events such as ‘Beaverees’ on an ad-hoc basis.  These run for anything from a couple of hours to most of a day. They rarely operate overnight.

Group Camp
Every other year there is a 2-night Group camp. The Cubs, Scouts (and Guides) camp under canvas whilst the younger Beavers either stay in huts or come along just for a day. The emphasis is on activities – lots to do from breakfast to supper. It’s also good for the Beavers to see the activities that they can do in scouting when they get a bit older. The leaders available from other sections mean that there is more flexibility to cover any problems/emergencies in any particular section.