Monday Night – Anvil Cub Pack Programme

09/09/2019Sixer and Seconder sessionBy Invitation only.
16/09/2019Athletics part 1Athletics, Athletics plus part 1 and games in the hall. Events involve running, throwing, jumping and team event.
23/09/2019Athletics Part 2.Athletics, Athletics plus part 2 and games in the hall. Events involve running throwing and jumping.
30/09/2019Skills eveningSkills - 4 bases .Making cakes, Laying a table, sewing a button on to material and making bracelets. Cub investitures.
07/10/2019Disability AwarenessDisability awareness - 4 bases Game involving non-verbal communication. 1. Different types of disability and famous people with disabilities. 2. Physical disability awareness – make a sandwich using only one hand. Disability aids. 3. Deaf awareness – learning some sign language and signing the cub promise. 4. Sight awareness – learning to read and right some words in in braille.
14/10/2019Communicating Part 1
21/10/2019Communicating Part 2Communicator badge part 2. 1. Repeat back a message after ten minutes. 2. Back to back communication. 3. Give a talk for two minutes about school, hobby or on a topic of your choice. 4. Who am I game? Please bring along prizes for the tombola.
04/11/2019AstronomyAstronomer badge - 4 bases 1. Solar system, stars and planets. 2. Identifying constellations. 3. Space related project. 4. Sun and the moon.
11/11/2019Night Hike
18/11/2019More SkillsJunk modelling and healthy eating activities. What can you make from Junk? Thinking about a balanced and healthy diet.
25/11/2019Skills - Problem solvingProblem solving activities. 1. Drinking straw challenge. 2. A 4 paper challenge 3. Codes and puzzles 4. Make a bridge
02/12/2019Quiz night/ Games
09/12/2019Christmas Crafts
16/12/2019 Leader's Planning meeting.