Monday Night – Anvil Cub Pack Programme

20/01/2020Artist activity badgeArtist activity badge 1. Poster advertising cubs 2. Draw the world scout badge and explain its meaning. 3. Make a bead woggle. 4. Design and make a decorated book cover.
27/01/2020Chinese New YearCelebrating the Chinese New Year. 1. Tasting chinse food. 2. Using chopsticks. 3. Origami 4. Chinese lanterns Chinese zodiac.
03/02/2020 International eveningInternational evening. 1. Making passports 2. Making the Eiffel Tower from spaghetti and mini marshmallows. 3. Foods from around the world. 4. World quiz, flags currencies, languages, food etc
10/02/2020 Global IssuesGlobal issues. Importance of water. (International water day) (22nd March) Survival needs in event of a disaster and you become homeless. Belongings from around the world.
24/02/2020Night Hike or Police visit
02/03/2020Our WorldOur World 1. Making a bird feeder 2. Environment quiz. 3. Recycling. 4. World faiths 5. Scout’s own.
09/03/2020Night hike or police visit
16/03/2020Mother's day activitiesMother’s Day activities 1. Mother’s Day Card 2. Paper flowers 3. Basket weaving 4. Wooden flower sewing coaster.
23/03/2020Global issues 2Visit from Oxfam TBC Cubs to bring in suitable items for them to sell in their shops. Fair trade activity
30/03/2020 Planning meeting