Monday Night – Anvil Cub Pack Programme

25/02/2019Safety 1 Home safety badge 4 bases - identifying hazards in the home - crime prevention - hazards in the home - Emergency loop activity Useful emergence numbers Run around games - dangers in the home.
04/03/2019Safety 2 Fire safety badge. General discussion on all the things fire-fighters do. 4 bases 1. home emergency escape plan. 2. safety around fireworks. 3. designing a poster for safety around camp fires. 4. Identifying dangers in the home and home safety quiz. Run around true/false quiz and fire drill.
11/03/2019Visit to St Joseph's Catholic ChurchVisit the church and bring food for the homeless. Learning about what is like to be homeless
18/03/2019Holi FestivalIndian food, flower garlands and celebrating colour.
25/03/2019 Mother's day gifts/craftsMaking gifts for Mother's day.
01/04/2019Leader's planning meeting