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We meet between 7:30 and 9:00pm.  The Bushwhacker Troop meet on Tuesdays and the Crosskeys Troop on Thursdays.

If the Scout with the keys to the tuck shop arrives before 7:30 there is brief bedlam before the troop meeting proper starts.

After the Flagbreak and inspection, our nights usually consist of 3 things:


A brief warm-up game


Up to an hour as a structured activity, such as badge-work, fires/cooking, pioneering, archery etc.


A short game or activity.

The meeting concludes with announcements, a brief prayer or thought and lowering the flag.

We try once a term to get someone with a specialist interest/hobby to come along and demonstrate it and, as far as practicable, get the scouts involved.

Sometimes the entire troop will go for a wide game or for a night hike.  Usually once a term there's a treat activity such as dryslope skiing or Quasar.



Shooting is a very disciplined ativity.
Outdoor shooting.

"The scariest bit of camp is knowing if you have enough money for tuck."  Alex Phelps [Scout]




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