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In the last year we have undertaken the following activities on troop nights:
Archery Firelighting
Air-rifle shooting Cooking:-
Badge work:-    Over open fires
   Emergency Aid    Over gas
   Master-at-Arms Selling programmes for firework display
   Mechanic Paper airplane competition
Ropes and knots Night run by PL's and APL's
Lashings/whippings Spaghetti construction project
Pioneering:- Troop photo
   Basics Quasar (Hemel Hempstead)
   Build a suspension bridge Wide games:-
Map and compass    Between the patrols
Orienteering    With another troop
Night hike. Erect a tent
Use of saws Prepare for camp

The programme is varied and most of the scouts like most of the activities most of the time!


Ace scout drummer
Talent night performer.

Stir-fry chicken in Hoi-sin sauce.

"I've learned a lot in scouts and I've learned that there's fun in everything except maths lessons."  Oliver Graham [Scout]




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