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Photo Gallery

Boeing 777 flight simulator [Courtesey of British Airways, and thanks Andy!]
Boeing 777 flight simulator [Courtesey of British Airways]
Campfire contemplation
A happy paddler
Mapreading gets serious
Snowdon Horseshoe in the background
At the far end of the lake, turn right!
Drink stop in Snowdonia
The Caving Team
Horror stories on camp (there are quite a few of these!)
Now pay attention and you might stay dry!
Raft-building at Longridge.
On the raft they built.
Raft race at Longridge.
Leap of Faith #1Leap of Faith #2
Leap of Faith #3Leap of Faith #4
Kayaking at Longridge
Messing about on the river.
Harris on Patrol (Leader)
Early stages of 'Bridge the Misbourne
Baden Powell Stone at Brownsea
Raftbuilding at Brownsea.
ID Parade
Swimming pool at Youlbury
Canoeing on the Avon (our thanks to the 30th Bournemouth Sea Scouts)
Downstream to Christchurch (our thanks to the 30th Bournemouth Sea Scouts)
The Motley Crew
Camp at Butcher's Coppice, Bournemouth
Reefed for squalls at Longridge.
Bell-boating at Longridge.
The marshmallows were just too much for them!
Seasoned scouts
Younger scouts
Talent night - The Band
Left a bit, right a bit...1
Concentrate on the climbing, please!Umm! Do the pioneering, please - the camera can look after itself!
A self-defence demonstration.
Winners of the 'Misbourne Valley' trophy in the Grimsdyke Hike.
Team spirit
1st CSP Quest base at approx. 11.00pm
Don't look down!Smile for the camera.
Foaming at the... talent night!Keyboard maestro
Interesting technique.
A good sense of balance preferred!
So who's in charge of cooking, then?
Severe concentration!
These were really hard to keep upright (whatever they were!  (our thanks to the 30th Bournemouth Sea Scouts)
Camp card school.
Didcot railway museum
We cooked it, we'll eat it!
No brakes?  Great! Just what we wanted!

Don't touch that! (Even if your Dad can fly it!) [Crew training facility courtesey of British Airways -thanks guys!)

How does this work, then?

On the descent

Caving in the Mendips

Little monkeys on a big monkey bridge.

Celebrating winning a trophy in the Grimsdyke Hike.

Waiting to go kayaking.

Saturday 7:30pm: Moored on the Thames

Sunday 6:45am: The rafters cook breakfast.

Climbing wall at Longridge.

Crabbing at Mudeford

Two-pin bowling!
Luxury dining accommodation!

.Raft constructors furiously at work.

Mind over matter.

At last, a fish

It's mine!

Grimsdyke Hike WINNERS!

Beach bums.

Ballet of the leaping trout!

THAT's why you shouldn't stand there.
Crabbing at Mudeford(2)


Chief Scoutd Gold Award expedition summary

CSGA Presentation

I'm a bit nervous about this!

CSGA Celebration!! 

I helped build it so it must be OK.

In scouts I've learned/done air rifle shooting, camping, archery which is cool because it's fun!!!"  Scott Brooks [Scout]




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