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There are opportunities to go on International camps and Jamborees.

We also share our facilities with other scout groups on request and can sometimes make use of theirs, and/or their expertise. As an example, we are grateful to the Bucks. caving team who have led several weekend caving expeditions in the Mendips for us.

There are also opportunities to do specialist activities, such as a shooting weekend at Bisley or focused dinghy sailing or even gliding are possible.  These activities are usually initiated by a particular leader with an interest in the activity.  Obviously the more leaders we have the better variety the scouts get in their programme!

Then there are the activities where the scouts don't directly undertake the activity themselves, but participate to help others.  For example being part of a colour party at a Remembrance Day service or helping run a Cub Pack as part of achieving the Chief Scouts Gold Award.


The more they put in .....

         .... the more they get out ....

               .... even if they don't see that at the time!


"You should become a scout because it is an exquss to not do do School homework."   Jonathan Williams [Scout]




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