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Scouts are generally aged 10½ to 14.  Most come up through the Cub packs but a few either join the movement directly as scouts or transfer in when they move home. As with the other sections, girls are welcome to join.
So what is scouting about?  Within 1st CSP we provide activities to develop the Scouts in the following areas:
Hands-on skills Cooking, building fires, pioneering etc
Outdoor experience Camping, hikes, orienteering etc.
New skills Map-reading and navigation, knots, shooting and archery etc. They get to do stuff they don't do at school.
Participation It's hands-on - the scouts have to do the activity, not the leaders!
Success A sense of achievement most troop evenings and badges to prove it.
Social skills They work in the company of others to get results. This is sometimes competitive and sometimes cooperative.
Leadership Patrol Leaders (PL's) and Assistant Patrol Leaders (APL's) are expected to organise their patrols and set an example.
Spiritual A little bit of morality, the treatment of others and of the countryside/environment.
In all these things the Scouts should be having fun. Most of them do most of the time.  If your scout ever says he's not enjoying it in the longer term it's quite likely he's not participating as much as the others.
"The best single moment of my life was when I was at my first camp with the scouts. I woke up at about five o'clock in the morning just when it was getting light and I could hear my friends breathing peacefully in their sleeping bags nearby.  I was warm and snuggly in my sleeping bag. Then there were a few drops of rain.  Then quiet for a few minutes.  Then it started to rain heavily and made a loud but comforting noise on the tent, just a few inches from my face.  There was a lovely fresh smell in the air. I remember it was very peaceful. Then I think I must have gone back to sleep."  Oliver Graham [Scout]




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