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The scouts say.......

"There have been 2 recent camps-the group camp, and the troop camp. The difference (amazing isn't it!) that the whole group aka. beavers, cubs, scouts go on a group camp together to do stuff they can all do.

On a troop camp they go separately (oh gosh!). This means they can do activities primarily suited for them - e.g. Archery, Shooting (at targets of course! - the beavers did'nt have much meat on them that time of year!)

It is quite lucky for us on the front line- for shooting, one of our leaders hes a certificate allowing us to practice at our own hut- One of the reasons why we did only reasonably badly at the district competition!

For achery we have our own bows... i dont know whether we shoot legally so i will quietly slip away from that subject!

These 2 things allow us to do these rare activities quite a lot at camps. things the slim ones like among our number include is potholing which was quite popular-exept for when one among us decided they wouldnt break anything at all and went down there, quickly and conveniently getting stuck in a small pipe in the middle of the course!

Climing and abseiling are also quite popular, being supplemented by a water activity or two.  Unfortunatley, the only extra activity at tolmers camp was walking 400 meters to the camp when the bus "adjusted" an innocent lamppost!

We went to a trout farm in a later camp and caught a lot of fish. It was such a big camp we were able to play games in the woods! there was a long walking distance to the tuck shop and vending machines and lots of things to do along the way. We also had to collect our own water and wood-it was a good, detached experience for us all!

i refuse to say anything about the food.

we have a few new tents which us scouts always manage to get!

Our camps were enjoyed by every scout! (but not necessarily the tuck shop owner!)"

The leaders have nothing to add!


Makeover for an Icelandic.
Birthday on Brownsea.

"In real camping sites there are vending machines with shandy."  Toby Jackman [Scout]




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