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A cheery breakfast 12 crates High
Takes some bottle Explorer abseiling technique.
Quick and competent. OOops!
Go-karting (Photo baken by a Beaver) Good food = Big Queue.
Camp Fire entertainment. Camp briefing:- Group #1
Camp briefing:- Group #2 Camp briefing:- Group #3
Camp briefing:- Group #4 Camp briefing:- Group #5
Extend those legs! Indoor range
THE Best Camp Photo. It's getting scary now.
Here's how well we all did. An unusual sleeping position.
Empty cake tins A quiet conversation.
Trere were plenty of empty seats . . . A Sunday picnic lunch
The queue for breakfast. The hardworking catering crew.
Which is prettier, #1 or #2? Entertainment by the Service Crew.
Happy Scouts. Happier Guides!
Whiling away a few spare moments. You're roped on but it's still scary.
Scout and Guide teamwork. At 30 feet up, it's harder than it looks.
The 3-G cSwing.
Contemplating Jacob's Ladder. A quiet chat between activities.
14 crates was about as high as it went. A big achievement on Jacob's Ladder.
The final check before climbing.
Group camps are large-scale affairs #1 Steve entertains.
The Brownies join in. All together now!
Guide investing at the Camp Fire. Brownies Group Photo.
Youlbury 2007 Group photo.
Rapt attention.

Good abseiling technique.


Near the top of Jacob's ladder.

You don't expect me to believe that, do you? Belaying their mates.
Well let's see if it's so funny when it's your turn. Log ballet.



At the top of the Leap of Faith pillar.

A very determined climber.

Best activity at Youlbury.

The hardest part of abseiling.

Centenary presentation.

All ages of scouting.

Cool dudes.

This bit's tricky.

Good concentration.

This scout won the prize for the smelliest tent - by himself!

Tired near the end of camp.

I thint it's us next!

It's further than it looks.

Just like they do at home.

I'm off that - too hard!

Being lowered after the zip wire.


He's only 30 feet up.

These logs aren't really that comfy, are they?

Best decorated cake brought to camp.

Not enough food at camp!

Camp fire entertainers.

A hand break turn?  Ambitious or what!


This zip wire's a scream.

"To me, Scouting was how to set fire to things, and I've done that all my life." Antony Worrall Thompson




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