Joining one of the sections




For all enquiries about joining the Group, please contact the Membership Secretary - details are on the Contact Page.

As far as we are able, we would like to take on as many children as we possibly can to provide them with the challenge, excitement and experience that Scouting supplies.

The Full Monty
Children join as Beavers, then progress to Cubs, then Scouts and then outside the Group to Explorers.  Even with two Beaver Colonies there is pressure on numbers and often a waiting list.  So don't wait until your child is 6 - enquire early and if necessary put their name(s) on any waiting list.

Joining later (Cubs and Scouts)
There are places.  Two Beaver Colonies feed three Cub Packs and with natural attrition spaces do become available.  As above, contact the Membership Secretary - details are on the Contact Page.  We know that families move from time to time, and, just as we hope other Groups will take on board children from our Group when they move, we will make every effort to accommodate incoming families.

Jump the Queue 
One or both parents becomes a leader.  It's as simple as that.  The more leaders we have the more children we can take on and if your kids are part of that increase in headcount, then that's in everyone's best interests.  Training and fun environment for leaders provided - the main thing a leader provides is time.  Time can be every week, once a fortnight, running specialist activities - whatever!  Leading in scout uniform would be ideal, but regular time committed whether in or out of uniform is far more important for the Group (and its Beavers/Cubs/Scouts too).

Explorer Scouts 
Older lads and lasses (14/15+) can join the Scouting movement as Explorers. This is run as a separate unit outside our Group - see here for details.


Hot Dogs you cook yourself are the Best
To the victors, the spoils!

"I loved that.  I loved cooking that. I'm going to cook that for my Mum on Mother's Day"  Michael Bengougam [Scout]




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