Introduction to the Group




The Group is a not-for-profit charity.

How does the Group work?
The Scout Group is managed by an Executive Committee and led by a Group Scout Leader (GSL). The individual sections are run by uniformed leaders who are trained and supported by the Scout Association. Most have (or have had) children active within the Group - all are unpaid volunteers.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the Group Chairman and controls the business affairs of the Group. It is responsible for the maintenance of property, fundraising and the administration of expenditure, insurance, security, equipment and legal matters. The Executive Committee are also formal trustees of the charitable legal entity.

The Executive Committee is controlled by a Group Council, which approves the Annual Report and accounts, appoints the Group Chairman and elects some of the members of the Executive Committee. The Group Council is made up of the Scout Leaders, parent-helpers and parents/guardians of the children.

Money matters
Subscriptions are used for:
Annual fees to District, County and National headquarters for insurance, leader training etc.
Meeting the running costs of the Scout Hut.
Purchasing/renewing equipment, including a minibus.
Purchasing badges, map and books etc.
Subsidising routine troop night activities.


"Great fun, great adventures. Lots of outdoor activities which I love. Experience of leadership. Never could learn how to tie a knot though!" Richard Branson




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