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The modern Group

On 12 September 1966, the 1st Chalfont St Peter, Group No 12504 (Church of England), changed the nature of its registration from a controlled C of E Group (St Peter’s Church) to an Open Group. This was signed by Acting Group Scoutmaster David RICHARDS. It was effective from 2 November 1966.

The Wolf Cub Pack was renamed a Cub Scout Pack in 1968 when the Scout Association revised the names of the sections.

In May 1969 the Chalfont Venture Unit started.

The current hall was built by the parents and friends of the Group and was formally opened on 13 May 1978 by Ted Hayden (Secretary of the Scouting Association). Through the vision and efforts of parents and leaders at the time, the 1st Chalfont St. Peter Scout Group moved from its cramped and decrepit building in Hampden Road to the modern and spacious premises at Mill Meadow (Gravel Hill).

In 1986, the Scout Association introduced the Beaver Scouting for boys aged 6-8 and this was adopted by the Group. The most recent significant change in Scouting has been the introduction of girls into the movement. There have been some girls in the Group as Venture Scouts for a number of years and in the Scout section since 1997. From 1 January 2007 girls have had formal equality with the boys.

The Floods

Autumn 2000 witnessed heavy and prolonged rains which arrived when the local water table was already fully saturated - weather forecasters spoke of the highest annual rainfall for a hundred years. On Tuesday 13 December the water was up to the hall door and Scout leaders rang parents to tell them that their meetings that week would be cancelled. Little did they know it would be almost two years before Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in Chalfont St, Peter would return to their own HQ . . . .

The water receded a few days later and the extent of the damage became evident. The wooden floor was wrecked; plaster on the walls was saturated, kitchen units and appliances were ruined, heaters and electrical equipment unusable. The problem was made worse by the discovery that the flood “water” was contaminated by sewage when drain covers lifted, making the whole site a serious health hazard. In February 2001, following more heavy rain, the building flooded for a second time. It was late autumn before it was judged viable to proceed with restoration. Meanwhile Scouting activities continued elsewhere providing stressful challenges for the leaders as their sections relocated to the guide hut in Landsdown Road, the Chalfont Heights Scout Camp, and, briefly, to St Joseph’s church hall. During our lowest historical point, Chief Scout George Purdy dropped by for a strictly private, but immensely moral-boosting flying visit on 17 May 2001 as he traversed between official trips from Holland to Ireland via Heathrow.

After almost two years away and a spend of more than £130,000, the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts moved back into HQ in the autumn of 2002. They returned to a modern, well-equipped building with good facilities and grounds that had been tidied up, with new outdoor equipment provided.

Our scouts are a small percentage of some 28 million scouts Worldwide now taking part in the adventure of the Scouting Movement. In 2007 the Movement celebrated its centenary; as can be seen above, Chalfont St Peter's Centenary is in 2008.

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