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Eeek! Anvil Camp 2014
Anvil Camp 2014 Lots of help on the lock.
Follow me. Great technique.
It's cosy with 10 in the tent.
We're smiling cos we had a good night's sleep.
Attentive Cubs.
Remember to look where you're going!
One goes up, one goes down.
It's not really posed.
One float is enough.
Surely that's not the Brownies getting splashed, is it?
Camp swingball
Jacob's Ladder
Next one up, please!
Closing out at Group Camp.
Potholing at Phasels Wood
Cratestacking #1 - Cosy
Cratestacking #2 - Airy
Cratestacking #3 - Scary
Cratestacking #4 - Hairy
Mud-Karting at Phasels Wood
Flagbreak at Pack night.
Improving archery skills.
Abseiling at Phasels Wood.
Morning inspection.
It was your job to bring the sausages!
Four types of fire.

Fireman practice.

Where's Tarzan?

Up where?

Up here!


Bullseye! (It was, too!)

Community thoughts.

Training for home duties.

A job shared is a job halved!

This activity is as easy as falling off a log.

Wooden bobsleigh at Group Camp.

Potholing at Phasels Wood

Warning! Artist at work!

Cubs IS fun.

We're in this together!

Buddybuilding activities.

High up Jacob's Ladder.



"The best thing in Cubs is kayaking because you can go very fast and wet, furious and you flipover."  Andrew Stenning [Cub]




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