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Local level
Three or four times a year the Cub Packs will have trips arranged. Recently they have visited HMS Belfast and the Chalfont Heights Scout Camp when, in addition to the usual activities, they tried tunnelling and an adventure trail.  There have also been trips to a pantomime and on a conservation exercise at a nearby nature reserve.

As with Beavers, these trips require a higher leader to Cub ratio than Pack nights and two or three parents come along to help and share the fun.

District level and above
The Misbourne District and Buckinghamshire County organise competitions, challenges and events from time to time.  These run for anything from a couple of hours to most of a day. They rarely operate overnight.



Did anyone remember a torch?
Potholing at Phasel's Wood.

"Crate stacking was my favourite activity at Youlbury. I got to 17 with my mate Alex. That was the record for the day."  Jack Cronin [Cub]




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