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Camping is a very important part of Cub Scouting.  The Cubs are away from home (maybe for the first time), they're directly involved in looking after themselves, they're part of a team and it's all outdoors.

Camps are a great bonding event as well as a fun experience.  Some  Cubs go on all camps and some seem not to go on any.  We urge your Cub to be in the former category as this dramatically improves their social skills and appreciation of Cub Scouting.

Summer Camp
They camp as a Pack each Summer, typically for 3/4 nights at a Scout Association campsite less than 90 minutes travelling time from Chalfont.  They pitch their tents and try to keep them clean and tidy(!), do much of the cooking and camp chores and generally become a little bit more self-sufficient.  They also get to do activities such a climbing, abseiling, assault courses etc. and have some free time to explore or just be with friends.

Group Camp
Every other year there is a 2-night Group camp. The Cubs camp under canvas (as do Scouts and Guides) whilst the younger Beavers either stay in huts or come along just for a day.  The emphasis is on activities - lots to do from breakfast to supper.



Well, Bro, will a camp fire this size dry out the mud too?
Camp fire magic.

"In Cubs I've learned how to put up a tent which is cool because you get to walk inside when it's finished. Thomas Bevan [Cub]




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