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All cubs have badges to identify their District, Troop and Patrol.  There are 'stripes' for Sixers and Seconders too. Details of where these (and others) go on the shirt and scarf can be found here on the Scoutbase Website.

Additionally there are:


Membership and joining-in badges.


Challenge badges (Outdoor, Creative, Fitness, Global and Caring).


Activity badges and finally


The Chief Scout's Silver Award, which requires achieving the Outdoor challenge, two other challenges and a personal challenge.  Not many cubs achieve it and those that do certainly wear it proudly!

Details of all these badges are in the Badge Section of the Scoutbase Website.

Every now and then there are special events where participation or completion entitles the Cub to wear a special badge for a period of time, perhaps 6 months or a year.

"When I was a cub I thought scouts were scary, but now I am one I realised it wasn't bad."  Matthew Sutcliffe [Scout]




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