Beaver Section:  Colony Night Activities


Beaver Scout activities are a combination of learning and having fun. They learn about themselves and how to look after themselves, they get to know people from their local community. They find out about life in other countries and explore through organised activities. They care by helping those around them.

We asked one of our Beaver colonies to say what they thought about Beavers so we could put it on our Website to let others know about Beavers.  Here are some of the responses:



What do you like doing in Beavers and why?
• Activities each week because they’re fun.
• Making things and taking them home.
• Playing games like spin the sock game and welly throwing.
• Trying different things to eat from different countries like Nachos, popcorn, French cheese, dates.
• Being with friends from other schools.
• Getting badges.
• Making passports and learning about different countries.
• Junk modelling.

My favourite special event is…?
• Chinese Dragon competition.
• Beavers Birthday!
• I know I’ll like the Christmas Party.
• Making Eiffel Towers.
• Film Night.
• Night Hikes.
• Visiting the Zoo.
• The Beaver Yell.



In Beavers, I’ve learnt how to….?
• Make the Eiffel Tower out of frozen peas.
• All about different countries.
• Speak the Beaver Yell in French.
• Make things like Christmas decorations, a lantern.
• Do Archery.
• Say the Promise.

You should join Beavers because…..?
• It’s fun and exciting.
• You make lots of things.
• You can learn a lot.
• It is brilliant.
• It is popular.
• You earn badges.


“You should join Beavers because you can run around and make lots of noise with your friends!” Thomas Cemlyn-Jones  [Beaver]




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