Beaver Section:  Camps


As a general rule, Beavers are not taken camping under canvas by themselves.  They're sometimes still a bit attached to Mum's apron strings and can need high leader to Beaver ratios.

However, every other year there is a 2-night Group camp. The Cubs, Scouts (and Guides) camp under canvas whilst the younger Beavers either stay in huts or come along just for a day.  The emphasis is on activities - lots to do from breakfast to supper.  It's also good for the Beavers to see the activities that they can do in scouting when they get a bit older. The leaders available from other sections mean that there is more flexibility to cover any problems/emergencies in any particular section.








“I like Beavers because it gets me ready to go on to Cubs" Rohan Pandya [Beaver]




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