Beaver Section:  Badges and Awards

There are lots of badges for the Beavers to earn. Some are based on experience, some on being able to demonstrate knowledge and experience and some on commitment and effort.

Membership and Joining In
The Membership and Joining-In Awards signify that a Beaver Scout has made their promise and has participated in the programme for a period of time.
There are 12 general Activity badges (such as Creative, Animal Friend and Imagination) plus a further 6 staged activity badges(such as Nights Away, IT and Swimming) that are developed as the Beavers progress through Cubs and Scouts.
The 3 Challenge badges are Outdoor, Discovery and Friendship.  As with the staged activity badges, these are commenced in Beavers and then developed further in Cubs and Scouts.
Chief Scouts Bronze Award
This badge is the highest award available in the Beaver Scout section. It is gained by completing:
    The Outdoor Challenge, plus
    The Friendship or Discovery Challenge, plus
    A personal challenge.
"My favourite thing in Beavers is painting because it is fun.”  Melissa O’Brien  [Beaver]




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